This video will show you how to program the Honeywell 5800PIR-RES wireless motion detector into the Honeywell L3000 wireless security system using an interior follower “no delay” setting. To program the Honeywell 5800PIR-RES wireless motion sensor remove the Honeywell 5800PIR-RES motion from its packaging box, depress the tab opening the motion sensor, insert the battery, seal the motion back up, now from the Honeywell L3000 system press 4112 800, *56, select an available zone, *, 04, *, c10 report code, *, 03, *, press 1 wave hand in front of motion, *, verify serial number *, change zone description if needed *, 00 * 99 now you have exited programming and you can arm your system up arm away and test to make sure that the sensor sets the alarm instantly off as planned.

Upon powering up the Honeywell 5800PIR-RES you will notice it will begin a series of red flashing lights. The first series of lights will flash every second for 45 seconds this is called the power up stage. Once the power up has finished the Honeywell 5800PIR-RES will than transition into a 10 minute walk through test where the red light will flash for three seconds every time an object passes through the detection area. The purpose of the walk test is to identify the proper mounting location for the Honeywell 5800PIR-RES wireless motion sensor. If you need to reset the walk test remove the battery from the motion and replace it again resetting the power up of the Honeywell 5800PIR-RES motion sensor.

The Honeywell 5800PIR-RES wireless motion sensor carries an 80lbs pet immunity. In order to optimize this feature make sure to install the Honeywell 5800PIR-RES wireless motion where an animal cannot come within 6ft of the sensor by climbing on furniture or other objects, aim the sensor away from stairways, furniture or other objects that can be climbed on by animals and don’t use the optional swivel mount bracket that comes with the sensor.

The Honeywell 5800PIR-RES wireless motion sensor uses a cr123A ION Lithium battery. You can expect about 3-5 years of battery life. When installing the Honeywell 5800PIR-RES motion sensor make sure you take into consideration the operating temperature which is between 14 degrees – 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Lastly make sure you install the Honeywell 5800PIR-RES motion between 7.5ft-8ft for optimal detection. 

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