The Honeywell 5811BR thin brown door/window sensor is a wonderful addition to any of your compatible 5800 series compatible security systems. The 5811BR has a sleek and thin look and it virtually disappears when it installed. The 5811BR blends with any decor making it ideal for applications where visual aesthetics matter such as on omate doors, casements and double hung windows. The Honeywell 5811BR provides one single zone of protection and installs easily on doors or windows with the included mounting hardware or double-sided sticky tape.

Note* the Honeywell 5811BR contact is a wonderful addition to any of your supported security systems. Keep in mind with the smaller form of this contact it doesn't not have the largest radio antenna and its range we have found to be around 60-80 feet in actual applications. So if you plan on installing a Honeywell 5811 in an area that is much further than the above range you may want to use an alternate contact.

Click the link below to view a PDF Document of the benefits of the Honeywell 5811BR wireless thin door/window contact. 

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