When updating the firmware on the 
2GIG GC2 , its very important to figure out what the firmware version is currently. The firmware can be found in the installer programming menu. From the home screen select security, menu, toolbox, enter the master code "default master code is 1111", scroll to the right once and press the version number. The next menu will give you various information about your 2GIG GC2 wireless security system as well as the panel firmware version. 

Firmware versions that are 1.9.6 or later may be updated to the latest version available with no issue. However, firmware versions lower than 1.9.6 must be upgraded to firmware 1.13.0 before advancing the firmware to the latest versions or the 2GIG panel will not power up correctly.

To complete the firmware update process you will need the firmware upgrade cable which is part number 2GIG UPCBL2. This cable will be connected to a computer as well as the control panel. Once the update cable has been connected you can download the newest firmware version through the GeoArm Website.
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