To perform a cellular test on a GE Interlogix NetworX NX-8 security system press *44 while the system is disarmed (Make sure that panel’s Location is 37, Segment is 2 and Bit is set to 7 if these settings are not inputted the *44 cell test will not work correctly.)

Note: if Location 37, Segment 2, Bit 6 is set, performing the phone test will trigger the local siren. To avoid triggering the siren when performing the phone test, make sure Bit 6 is OFF. 

The NetworX NX-8 panel will not show any indication that the cell test has been sent. To monitor if it has sent you can check the cell radio status on its LEDs L3 and L4:

L4 should be blinking on for 2 seconds and off for 2 seconds
L3 will blink once briefly as soon as you press *44

If the system is reporting to an alarm monitoring company, wait for a minute than check with the central alarm monitoring station to see if the cellular test signal was received correctly. The cellular test is also used by to set the module's parameters the first time the module is powered up. It ensures that will receive the sensors list and any other information required for proper signaling.

Note: You can only do the cell test 6 times in a 24 hour period. After that you, you’ll need to power-cycle the module if you want to do more phone tests, or you’ll need to wait a day. 

The GE Interlogix NetworX NX-8 security system is compatible with NX-592E cellular communicators. Before trying to send alarm signals to your alarm monitoring company, the cellular radio must first be registered before performing a cellular communicator signal strength test.

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