If you have a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 and are wondering how to pair your smartphone for Bluetooth disarming you have come to the correct place. With IQ Panel 2 end-users can pair up to 5 smartphones using the built-in Bluetooth module. Once you have paired a smartphone to the IQ Panel 2 and you enter your home you can walk within 30 feet of the panel to have it automatically disarm.

How to Pair a Bluetooth Devices to IQ Panel 2 instructions below:

1) On the main screen, swipe down the grey bar to access the settings tray.
2) Touch Settings
3) Touch Advanced Settings
4) Enter your user code
5) Touch Bluetooth Devices
a. Before going to the next step, click the Settings Icon. Ensure that Bluetooth Disarm is enabled.
b. While at this stage, please put your smartphone in Bluetooth “pairing mode”
6) Touch Add Device. The Panel will begin searching for new devices within range (may take up to 60 seconds)
7) Select your device from the list
8) Touch Pair
9) When the message appears on your phone and IQ Panel, ensure the numbers match and touch “pair” on each


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