You should install the Honeywell SiXGB wireless glassbreak sensor on the wall or the ceiling within 25 feet of the desired glass, withing clear view of the desired glass, at least 6.5 feet from the floor, 3.3 feet away from a forced air duct, 3.3 feet away from sirens or bells larger than 2 inches in diameter, between the protected glass and heavy window coverings.

*When heavy window coverings are present, the SiXGB can be installed on the window frame.

*Avoid installing the Honeywell SiXGB on the same wall as the glass you wish to protect.

*Avoid installing the SiXGB on free - standing posts or pillars

*Avoid installing in rooms with noisy equipment such as, air compressors, bells, power tools etc... if the equipment is operated when the sensor is armed.

The maximum range for the Honeywell SiXGB microphone is 25ft when set to the default setting or high, The sensitivity is adjustable via Lyric control panel programming. Listed below is the SiXGB sensitivity/range diagram. 

High (default) - 15-25ft

Medium - 10-15ft Low - 5-10ft

Lowest - 0-5ft

Range must be verified by FG-701 simulator.

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