If you have been researching about alarm monitoring you may be wondering if your ADT Safewatch pro 3000 systems can use Alarm.com interactive monitoring services? Well, the answer to your question is yes! The Safewatch Pro 3000 is really a Honeywell Vista 20p system this means as long as you have a panel made from 2005+ which can be verified by looking on the Safewatch pro 3000 EPROM chip than you can indeed have Alarm.com services.

 Alarm.com has created the SEM or system enhancement module. The SEM is an alarm.com cellular communicator that can be directly installed into the 3000 system without having to replace the EPROM chip. One of the best features of the SEM is that it makes obtaining z-wave home automation much easier. The system enhancement module has the z-wave radio built directly in the plastic enclosure making DIY installation very easy. The Alarm.com SEM module uses LTE which stands for "
long-term evolution" this means they expect the customer to get more years out of the communicator and expect a bit better performance.

The Alarm.com SEM module at this time can't utilize the image sensor option. 

Once installed to your ADT Safewatch pro 3000 system you can choose between alarm.com professional alarm monitoring services or DIY alarm monitoring options.

Alarm.com Professional Monitoring Plans

Alarm.com DIY Monitoring Plans

Learn how to install the Alarm.com SEM into a Safewatch pro 3000 system