If you have a Napco Express XP 400 hybrid security system you may be wondering if your system can use wireless devices in addition to the hardwired sensors. The answer is YES, the Napco XP 400 can utilize  Wireless-ready: Supports up to 2 Gemini wireless receivers (GEM-RECV-XP8) and all Gemini transmitters, crystal-controlled for maximum reliability. 

Wireless support for up to 2 keyfobs with programmable audible chirp arm/disarm; plus 4 points from your choice of any Gemini transmitters.

In order to add wireless devices to your Napco Express XP 400 system, you will need your installer code. If you don't have your installer programming code than you will not be able to add wireless receivers and or devices. If you have to add additional wireless sensors and don't have the installer code you will need to replace with a new control panel. If you need help deciding which new alarm control panel to go with please give us a call at 1-877-443-6276 or Contact Us for a free consultation. 

Napco Express XP 400 Alarm Monitoring Options