The Honeywell LYNX Touch L5100 wireless security system can have as many Honeywell 5800WAVE wireless sirens that you choose to have. The reason why the Honeywell L5100 can utilize many Honeywell 5800WAVE sirens is because they are learned into the system using a house ID code not an actual zone. Also, the reason you have to learn in the serial number of the Honeywell 5800WAVE is because that is used to monitor the Honeywell 5800WAVE cover tamper. The cover tamper occurs if a person try's to manipulate and open the Honeywell 5800WAVE outer case.

Honeywell’s 5800WAVE is a wireless siren that will provide status information and a battery backup for an added level of protection. The pliable design simplifies installation which saves time and installs in seconds without the need to run wires. The system status is shown on the Honeywell 5800WAVE with three LED’s on the front of the unit. The Honeywell 5800WAVE wireless siren adds an additional 95db output at a three foot distance. The Honeywell 5800WAVE is a wireless device in the sense that it communicates with your wireless security system but, as far as power it will need to be plugged into a 110 volt outlet which keeps the backup battery charged in the event of a power outage.

Update - The Honeywell LYNX Touch L5100 wireless security system has been discontinued by Honeywell and will no longer produce these alarm panels. The L5100 has been replaced by the Honeywell L5210 wireless security system the link to the new system has been placed above.

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