Learn how to change the time on your GE Interlogix Simon XT wireless security system.

In this video you will be getting a walk through on how to change the time on your Interlogix Simon XT wireless security system.

To change the time on the Simon XT, you will have to hit the down arrow button to navigate through your panel until you see "Set Clock", then press the OK button. Enter your default installer code 4321 than hit OK. After you enter your code it will ask you too "Set Clock", So with the same arrow navigation buttons you can manipulate the time. Now it will first ask you to change the hour once you selected the correct hour option select OK, next it will prompt you to enter in the current minute, after you have entered in the correct minutes select OK and lastly select whether it is currently am or pm. After your time looks accurate to go ahead and select the ok button one last time and hit the status button to exit out of this field.

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