Yes, some insurance companies will give customers insurance discounts when they activate their security system with police and or fire monitoring. We recommend the customer to contact their insurance agent or provider to see if they offer discounts.
Some things they may consider in determining how much or a discount they will offer is how the security system is set up to send alarm signals to the central station receivers. In most cases, cellular is the most reliable and preferred method of communicating alarm signals. Lastly, your insurance company may also consider whether you have only security devices such as door/window contacts, motion sensors. They may give additional discounts if you have fire devices such as smoke, heat or carbon monoxide detectors. 

Learn how to get a certificate or alarm

 The first step to obtaining a certificate of alarm is to have some sort of security system that is capable of having professional alarm monitoring services. If you don't currently have one then you will have to get one. Once you have decided on a security system you will need to select an alarm monitoring service for the system.

 There are two main types of alarm monitoring services. DIY alarm monitoring services this is where an end user can control their security system from their smartphone and have no professional dispatching services for police fire or medical. The end user receives text and email notifications directly to their smart devices. This option dispatching is done directly by the end user, not a professional company. This is NOT an option insurance companies will allow.

 Most insurance companies want you to have your system professionally monitored and set up with professional alarm monitoring services. With this type of alarm monitoring, there are still options that would allow for end users to remotely control their security system and receive text and email notifications. Once you have signed up for professional alarm monitoring services you will then have a scheduled tech appointment where you will have your security system activated and tested to make sure the central alarm monitoring station is properly receiving your alarm signals. Once you get to this point you are now ready to fill out the certificate of alarm form and have it directly sent to your insurance company.


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