Here you will learn how to program the Qolsys IQ Mini (QS-1112-P01) door/window contact into your Qolsys IQ panel. To program your IQ Mini put your IQ panel into auto learn mode. 

To get to the auto learn mode go to settings > it will ask you to enter in the default installer code 1111 > installation > security sensors > auto learn sensor. When you have entered auto learn mode open the door/window to start the auto-learning process > You should hear a chime upon opening the zone, next a prompt will come up, select OK > to add the sensor.

Once you have added the sensor it will display what type of sensor it is. You can change the name of the sensor to any pre-filled name or customize your 
own zone description name.

Unlike some of the systems of the 
past, the Qolsys IQ wireless panel will actually announce the customized description verbatim. The IQ panel will also allow you to select a custom chime for every door/window in the home or you can make your own chime for each sensor "we recommend using one of the pre-existing chimes". When you choose a sensor group, the sensor group will tell your sensors how to behave. So for example, if you want to use any door to enter or exit, set it as the "Entry/Exit normal delay". If you didn't want to have any delay on that specific zone you would want to select instant/perimeter.

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