The Honeywell SiXSIREN battery lasts 5 years (typical use) with Lithium Batteries. Alkaline batteries can be used but battery life will be significantly reduced. Use of the chime feature will reduce battery life to 1-2 years. Note: Do not mix old and new batteries, battery types or manufacturers. 

When the battery is low the Red LED will blink every 45 seconds. After 7 days the device will start chirping and continue until the batteries are replaced or die. The transmitter will always report its battery status to the control panel so the battery level can always be viewed on the ZONES screen or remotely via AlarmNet360.

The SiXSIREN two-way wireless siren is for use with Honeywell Controls that support SiX series devices. Once the device is enrolled into the panel, it cannot be used with another control panel until it has been deleted first. Each device has a unique MAC number located on the sticker on the unit.

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