Click the link below to find the ADC-SEM-100-CDMA compatibility chart. The CDMA System Enhancement Module (SEM) is compatible with the Honeywell/ADEMCO Vista 10p, 15p, 20p and 21ip panels as long as they are dating back to 2005+. In the chart, you will also find the equivalent panels to the ones listed above. 

 Once you have determined that you have a compatible Honeywell Vista panel you will have two different options as to how you can obtain alarm monitoring services. The first will be via DIY interactive alarm monitoring services. DIY monitoring means that you wish NOT to have any professional dispatching services for police, fire or medical. You will receive unlimited remote tech support to assist you with programming and troubleshooting, an account which allows end users to remotely arm/disarm, receive text/email notifications on panel status including alarms, view event history, and if activated allow for remote control of z-wave home automation devices. This route is not an excepted option if you are trying to meet insurance companies needs.

 The second option is Professional Alarm Monitoring Services. This will offer you the same features listed in the above DIY monitoring services but, it will include our professional central station dispatching services. That means we will monitor your systems alarm signals and reach out to end users. If an incorrect false alarm password has been given of nobody answers the phone call we will then dispatch the proper authorities to their exact location.

If you are looking to reduce your monthly alarm monitoring rates for your home or business make sure to contact GEOARM at 1-877-443-6276 for your free consultation! *We are usually able to take over just about any kind of security system so don’t hesitate. Monitoring ADC-SEM-100-CDMA FAQ's ADC-SEM-100-CDMA Product Manuals