Yes, the DSC PC3000 can use a cellular alarm communicator. The cell communicator we recommend using is the Telguard Tg-1 Express, universal cellular communicator. The TG-1 will allow end users to send their DSC PC3000 alarm signals to our central alarm monitoring station over the cellular towers. By adding this cellular module you are upgrading the reliability of your alarm system. Telguard cellular alarm monitoring services are the most reliable because they are powered off of your alarm systems backup battery so, in the event, an intruder cuts your meter box or power to your house your system will still be able to transmit its signals to the central station receivers.

If you don't have your installer code we can attempt to backdoor the panel into programming. Contact us for more information at 1-877-443-6276 option 3 for customer service.

DSC PC3000 FAQ's