Here you will learn how to reset a Honeywell Vista 20P security system to re-enter the programming menu.

Resetting a Vista 20P is typically needed when a person moves into a new house and they find a Honeywell Vista 20P already installed but they cannot enter programming because the installer code has been changed from default or they have forgotten it.

The default installer code for a Honeywell Vista 20P is 4112. So if you want to enter the programming mode you must select 4112800 from there you should see installer code 20 or just 20. If you don't see this displayed on your programming keypad than you will need to reset the Vista 20P system shown below. "Make sure that you are using a programming keypad such as a 6160 or 6162 programming keypad".

To Factory Reset the Honeywell Vista 20P

1) Remove the power transformer & backup battery so there is no power to the Vista 20P control panel. “To verify this make sure there is no power to your any of your keypads”.

2) Next, you can power your Vista 20P back on by first plugging in your alarm backup battery followed by your transformer within 40 seconds and you should see AC or D1 on the keypad.

3) Press and hold * and # for three seconds on the programming keypad from there you should see INSTALLER CODE 20 or 20. 

4) Press *20 4112 (You should hear 3 beeps) this will indicate that you have successfully reset your Honeywell Vista 20P. 

Once you have completed any programming necessary you can press *99 to exit the programming mode of the Vista 20P.

Note: This method can only be achieved when the system is disarmed, if the system is armed you will not be able to do any kind of programming.

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