The video above will show you how to install the 2GIG GC3 wireless security system cellular communicator.

     To install the 2GIG cellular radio remove the back mounting plate from the GC3 > Make sure the power transformer is not plugged in and the backup battery is unplugged as well > When you receive your GC3 system you will notice that the system comes with the backup battery plugged in. It is good practice to > make sure that you unplug this before attempting to install the CellSled radio > open the cellular door located on the bottom left of the GC3 panel "you will notice a small tab" > locate the cellular radio > jot down the IMEI number and slide the radio in accordingly "the IMEI number is the number GEOARM will need in order to activate your alarm monitoring services > close the cellular door to the GC3 > plug the backup battery back in and make sure the positive and negative wires for the power transformer are installed correctly as this is a DC powered system and you can short the panel out if not done correctly.

The activation of the cellular radio with your 2GIG GC3 system will allow for use of the interactive alarm monitoring services. This is where you can download the application on your smart device and begin to control your 2GIG GC3 system remotely from anywhere in the world with and internet connection. 

With the app end-users will be able to remotely arm/disarm your system, receive notifications via text message/email, control any connected home automation devices, and view compatible IP Cameras. One of the biggest benefits of activating the 2GIG-3GA-A-GC3 CellSled radio is that Geoarm can remotely program your entire system without ever having to step foot on your property which saves you time and money!

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