alarm-com-geo-fencing-feature-image’s Geo-Services lets you be more connected to your homes more than ever before. With the Geo-Fencing feature activated, end users can automate home settings and initiate additional notifications based on the location of your iPhone or Android phone relative to your home, office, or any other Geo-Fence they have specified.

Geo-Services is layered into’s Interactive Services at no additional cost, allowing you to begin leveraging location awareness to enjoy greater system flexibility and even more relevant notifications.

What Features can be Controlled With Geo-Fencing Feature?

Arming Reminders

Location-based Arming Reminders let customers know if they leave the house and forget to arm the system.

Thermostat Automation

Your customers can have their thermostat automatically turn up or down when they enter or exit a specified Geo-Fence.

Video Recording

Your Video Customers can use Geo-Services to automatically pause video recording schedules when they are at home.

  • Allows phone location to be used as an input trigger for notifications
  • Set rules based on location information Built into’s Interactive Services
  • No additional hardware or equipment is required

The Geo-Services screens will appear on the web and within our apps (iPhone or Android, running the latest version of the app) for any customer whose plan includes any geo-enabled feature.

How to Activate the Geo-Fencing Feature

To take advantage of Geo-Services functionality, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enable Geo-Services on one or more phones. Log into the app from an iPhone or Android device and enable Geo-Services under the Settings menu within the app
  2. View and manage Geo-Fences online. Log into the desktop website and go to Mobile > Geo-Services to view and edit Geo-Fences for the account. A “Home” Geo-Fence will be created by default around the system address.
  3. Set up geo-enabled rules or notifications. Once Geo-Services is set up, apply these settings to various rules and notifications via the web.