honeywell vista 10p wired security system

Yes, there are certain Honeywell Vista 10p alarm systems that can use a Honeywell 7847i broadband internet communicator.

The revision number that your system must be is (Rev.1.2 and higher) and this system in conjunction with the Honeywell 7847i CANNOT utilize Total connect 2.0 it is too old of a panel for this feature. If you want to use TC 2.0 services and communicate via internet broadband you will have to upgrade to a newer panel such as Honeywell Vista 15p, Vista 20p or Vista 21ip.

If you are more worried about having your Vista 10p communicate via Wi-Fi/Internet Broadband and you don't want to completely swap out your Vista 10p control panel you will have the option to add an IPDATATEL BAT-WIFI alarm communicator. In order for the BAT-WIFI to be used in conjunction with your Honeywell Vista 10p wired security system, your panel must have a revision number of 2.6+.

This information can be found by opening the big brown metal box which is the main control panel, once you have this box opened look on the green motherboard for a metal heat sync with a large circular sticker where you can find the panel model and revision number.

Once you have this device installed into your Vista 10p you can then decide between IPDATATEL professional interactive alarm monitoring services or DIY interactive alarm monitoring services. Professional interactive alarm monitoring services is where your alarm signals will be sent to our central alarm monitoring station and we can dispatch for police, fire and medical services. DIY alarm monitoring services are all of the same features that pro interactive monitoring offers except we will not dispatch the authorities end users would monitor via text/email notifications and in the event of a triggered alarm they would call the authorities.  

If you are looking to add interactive alarm monitoring services where you can remotely arm/disarm, change user codes, receive text/email notifications, control z-wave home automation devices and view HD IP cameras you will need to have a Honeywell Vista 10p that was manufactured 2005+. Use the image below to tell if your Vista 10p is indeed from 2005 +.


The Vista SEM module is not an internet device yet it is a cellular communicator with a built-in Z-Wave receiver that allows for control of home automation devices. The benefit of adding the Vista SEM module is that it is a cellular communicator which tends to be a more reliable way of communicating alarm signals to a central station and the interactive application for your smart devices is the most robust and user-friendly application around to this point. If you decide to go this route you can decide between DIY alarm monitoring services or professional alarm monitoring services.


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