If you moved into a new house or already have an existing 2GIG GC2 all-in-one wireless security system you may be wondering how can I have self alarm monitoring services? Below we will be providing you with all the information you will need in figuring out what alarm monitoring services you can have with this panel. 

Phone/VoIP Alarm Monitoring Services

The first option end users have for alarm monitoring of a 2GIG GC2 system is via Phone/VoIP alarm monitoring services. Before an end user can utilize this option they will need to make sure they have the (2GIG-GCPOTS) which is a module that allows your GC2 security system to communicate without using a cellular communicator. With this module, you will need to make sure that you have a Phone/VoIP line with an active dial tone connected directly to this module. Once you have completed this you are then ready to have one of our techs assist you in changing the account number and the number the panel is set to dial out to so it hits our central station receivers. 

Even though phone/VoIP line systems have a lower monthly monitoring rate they don't provide consumers with the most reliable mode of communications as phone lines can be cut by an intruder. If this was to happen the alarm signals will not reach the central station. Lastly, while using a VoIP or regular landline you will NOT be able to remotely control your system using your smart devices.

In order to utilize phone line/ VoIP communications, you must have your installer code to access control panel programming menu which by default is 1561. If your default installer code does not work that means a previous provider has changed the code and the panel will need to be factory reset. Follow our instructions for defaulting a 2GIG Go! Control "GC2" system below.

How to Factory Reset a 2GIG GC2 Security System? - 

1) UnplugGC2 backup battery and Power transformer.
2) Verify there is no power to the touchscreen.
3) Power the GC2 up with the backup battery NOT installed.
 4) Once the panel has power press 
and hold both panic and home button for 10-15 seconds." You will notice the home button will turn red continue to hold for a few more seconds.
5) The panel will then announce system disarmed ready to arm
6) You will notice that the time and date have defaulted to the factory.

Note: When you decide to factory reset a 2GIG GC2 control panel it will remove all system user and sensor programming. If you end up a monitored client GeoArm Security can assist you with reprogramming your panel. 

 Keep in mind Vonage, OOMA or Magic Jack are not supported methods of communication unless you have one of their advanced packages. It is still worth a shot so if this is the case sign up and have one of our techs give it a shot.

Internet Broadband Alarm Monitoring Services - Alarm.com  

The second option consumers will have for alarm monitoring services for a 2GIG GC2 system will be via Alarm.com internet alarm monitoring services. In order to have Alarm.com internet alarm monitoring services, you will need to have a (2GIG-BRDG1-900) installed into your GC2 system. Once this internet communicator is installed end users will be able to enjoy Alarm.com internet only alarm monitoring services. Note Internet monitoring will hold the same rate as Alarm.com cellular monitoring per Manufacture.

For this option to work you must have a 2GIG GC2 firmware of 1.13 or better!

To find your panel firmware version security, menu, toolbox, enter the master code "default master code is 1111", scroll to the right once and press the version number. From there locate the firmware version which is the only option moving on the screen.

 Cellular Alarm Monitoring Services - Alarm.com

The third option for alarm monitoring of a 2GIG GC2 wireless security system would be with Alarm.com Cellular alarm monitoring services. Consumers can choose between DIY or PRO alarm monitoring services. GeoArm Recommends going with an Alarm.com options because with these communicators we are able to remotely access your control panel to assist you with programming and tech support. So there will never be a need to have a stranger in your home.

Alarm.com DIY monitoring services - End users will monitor their alarm signals via text/email notifications from the Alarm.com application which can be found in the Apple app store or Google Play for Android users. In the event, an end user receives a triggered alarm signal they will then be responsible for dispatching the police, fire or medical services. DIY alarm monitoring will allow end users to remotely arm/disarm, control z-wave automation devices and view Alarm.com IP cameras as well.

Alarm.com Interactive Monitoring Services - Offers all of the same benefits of DIY monitoring but in you will have our professional alarm monitoring services where we will be able to dispatch your exact locations police, fire, and medical services. The biggest benefit of professional alarm monitoring services is that the central station will have the luxury of already having your address and exact dispatching departments phone numbers for your specific location for police, fire and medical services.

Alarm.com Basic Monitoring Services - This is where end users that don't care to remotely be able to arm/disarm, control Z-wave devices or view IP wireless cameras from their smartphones can just have basic wireless signal forwarding to save on their monthly monitoring rates. All in all this option is for the customer looking to only communicate alarm signals to a central alarm monitoring station with no app control. The alarm signals will still be sent via Alarm.com cellular communicator so you will have the most reliable mode of communication. Anyone who signs up for this service will be eligible down the line if they change their mind to upgrade to the interactive alarm monitoring option because of our No-Contract services. and a panel revision number of atleast 1.19+ for activation of a new LTE module.

In order for GC2 consumers to use any of the above Alarm.com services, they must have a compatible 2GIG LTE cellular alarm communicator and a panel revision number of atleast 1.19+ for activation of a new LTE module.  
Learn how to check your 2GIG GC2 current panel firmware version.

If you want to have your 2GIG GC2 to have dual-path internet with the cellular backup you will need to add the part number ( 2GIG-BRDG1-900). This will allow your GC2 to use the internet as primary communications to the central station with a cellular backup in case the internet fails. 

In order to have dual path communications, you must activate an Alarm.com cellular communicator you cannot activate only the internet communicator. This will not change the monthly monitoring rate. 

2GIG DIY Alarm Monitoring Services

2GIG PRO Alarm Monitoring Services