If you are interested in going with Honeywell Total connect 2.0 interactive monitoring services instead of Alarm.com services you can upgrade to a Honeywell alarm communicator ending in -TC2 you can upgrade the panels firmware by swapping the EPROM chip allowing for usage of all Honeywell features Including Total connect 2.0 services. I will go over all of the options for monitoring listed below.


1) Your options will be to opt in for Honeywell DIY or Honeywell professional cellular interactive alarm monitoring services. This option will have an additional option which is quite handy in some applications. Here you can get the Total Connect 2.0 chip upgrade with 2 products.  The first is with the LTEXA-TC2. The LTEXA-TC2  is also using AT&T network it is a little bit less expensive but does not carry its own backup battery. Lastly, Honeywell has made an excellent choice by adding the LTEXV-TC2 which offers the same features as the LTEXA-TC2 except it uses the Verizon network. So if you have better Verizon signals in your area your only option will be to go with the LTEXV-TC2 if you want Total Connect 2.0 abilities.

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