The Honeywell Vista-10p security system in most cases is able to use interactive alarm monitoring services but, you will want to verify some information located inside the brown control panel before proceeding. In order for a Vista 10p to be compatible with services, the panel must have a manufacture date of 2005+. To check the manufacture date simply go to your big brown box located somewhere in your location and use the diagram below to verify.


The Honeywell Vista 10p is also sometimes labeled in a different manner we have provided other compatible systems and their model numbers below. All you have to do is make sure these panels are from 2005+ 

1)Honeywell/ADEMCO VISTA-10P 
2)Honeywell/ADEMCO VISTA-10PSIA  
3)First Alert FA130CP 
4)First Alert FA130CPSIA  

Once you have verified that your Honeywell Vista-10p is indeed compatible now you will need to add the correct product to activate these services. End users will have a choice between 2 sem modules that will be compatible with the Vista series panels. The first compatible SEM module is the part number (ADC-SEM-100-CDMA) this SEM uses the Verizon CDMA cellular network so before you purchase to make sure that you have at least two bars of cellular service in the location that you are installing the panel. The SEM (system enhancement module) both options come with a built-in z-wave module that will allow for home automation devices and control.

The second option end users will have is using the Verizon LTE SEM communicator part number (ADC-SEM-100-LTE). The Verizon LTE communicator offers the same features as the CDMA version except they expect the LTE option to give you more usage because it is a newer technology hints the term LTE "Long-Term Evolution".

Once you have installed either of the two SEM communicators its time to decide what kind of alarm monitoring services do I want? DIY Alarm Monitoring - DIY alarm monitoring is where the end users are responsible for dispatching of police, fire and medical services in the event there is a triggered alarm. End users will monitor their security system via the smartphone application. The app can be downloaded in apple app store or google play for Android. If the alarm is triggered consumers will then receive a text/email notification and decide if they want to have the proper authorities dispatched. With this option end, users can also remotely arm/disarm their security system. Note: this option is not accepted by insurance companies. Cellular Alarm Monitoring Services - For end users that aren't really worried about being able to remotely control their security system or receive text/email notifications but, want to still have their alarm signal monitored by our central station this is the best option to go with. This option works where your alarm system will send its signals to our central alarm monitoring station and in the event of a triggered alarm we will reach out to your emergency contact list that you provided and if no one answers or gives a wrong password we will then be able to dispatch the exact police, fire or medical services for your area. Interactive Alarm Monitoring Services - This monitoring option works where customers Vista 10p systems are set up to communicate signals to our central alarm monitoring station so in the event of a triggered alarm we can dispatch your exact police, fire or medical department. In addition to our central station being able to dispatch to your exact location, this monitoring option will allow end users to remotely control their security system ie remotely arm/disarm receive text/email notifications and more.

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