Honeywell Advanced Protection Logic "APL" also known as smash proof or crash and smash protection is available with LYNX and LYRIC series wireless security panels. Honeywell's APL is a wonderful addition to any of the LYNX or LYRIC panels.

In most homes people will set there most common points of entry on a delay mode. This is where you enter your home and the system gives you around 30 seconds to disarm the system before it goes into an alarm. Since the brains of the system are all consolidated into the control panel there is risk in placing your panel near one of these delayed zones.

If an intruder was to break into your home through one of these delay zones they could run in and grab the system and either smash it or throw it in a bucket of water rendering the system useless. Luckily, with professional alarm monitoring with AlarmClub and the activation of the APL your system will send a ping to our central monitoring station every time one of these delay doors is opened letting us know the system is in tact. Once you enter your 4 digit disarm pass code we will receive another signal letting us know you have disarmed your system and it is still in tact.

If we don't receive this final ping we will than treat it as an alarm and reach out to the emergency contact list provided by the client and dispatch if protocol calls for that. In our opinion this feature is a very important feature to activate on your system. If you have any questions please contact us 1-844-335-5897.

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