If you have just moved into a house with an existing GE Interlogix Concord 4 hybrid security system you are probably wondering how can I get central alarm monitoring services for the panel? Well, you have come to the right place. We will be going over an array of our suggestions to allow for your Concord 4 system to transfer its signals to a central alarm monitoring station such as GeoArm Security. 

Phone/VoIP Communications

The first option for alarm monitoring of a Concord 4 security system is via phone/VoIP line alarm monitoring services. Alarm systems for over 30+ years have been connected to central alarm stations using phone lines. Even though phone line systems carry a lower monthly monitoring rate they don't provide end users with the most reliable mode of communications as phone lines can be cut by a possible intruder. If this was to occur the alarm signals will not reach the central station. Lastly, while using a VoIP or regular landline you will not be able to remotely control your system using your smart devices. In order to utilize phone line/ VoIP communications, you must have your installer code to access control panel programming menu. Keep in mind Vonage, Ooma or Magic Jack are not supported methods of communication unless you have one of their advanced packages. It is still worth a shot so if this is the case sign up and have one of our techs give it a shot.

To enter programming mode with an GE Interlogix Concord 4 system simply go to your keypad and enter 8, 4321,00 you should see system programming. 

If you don't see system programming try this same process on all of your keypads. If this does not work on any of your keypads that means one of two things. The first is that you don't have a programming keypad. The second would be that the previous installer has changed your installer code from factory 4321. If this is the case we may still have a better monitoring option for you which will be listed below under cellular communications with no installer code so stay tuned.


WiFi Alarm Monitoring Services

A second option an end user would have when it comes communicating alarm signals back to a central alarm monitoring station is via WiFI communications. If you have a Concord 4 you can add a BAT-WIFI from Alula/IpDatatel. In order to use the IpDatatel WiFi alarm monitoring option end users must have their installer code to access programming. With this option, you will not have any kind of remote control from a smartphone application because the BAT-WIFI does not support this feature with this particular control panel. If you are looking for remote control via app control than you will have to make sure you have your Concord 4 installer code and purchase a compatible cellular communicator which will be listed in this article below. Lastly, GeoArm Security doesn’t recommend this option to end users because it is not the most reliable way to send alarm signals to our central station receivers. The reason being is that if an intruder before breaking into your location cut your power or internet lines your alarm will not be able to report its signals to the receivers for dispatching.


Cellular Communications with Installer Code

The third option consumers will have to report Concord 4 a