Learn how to bypass a zone on the DSC SCW9045 wireless security system.

To Bypass a Zone   Make sure the system is disarmed: Press *1 to enter the bypass mode. If the Code Required for Bypass option is enabled, enter a valid user code. The keypad will display "Scroll to View Zones". The keypad will display the programmed zone labels for the zones and include the letter ‘O’ in the bottom right corner if the zone is currently open or the letter ‘B’ if the zone is bypassed. Scroll to the appropriate zone using <> keys and press the * key to change the bypass status (or enter the 2-digit zone number you want to manipulate). Once the correct zones are bypassed, press [#] to exit.

To Un-bypass a zone Press *1 to enter the bypass mode, If the Code Required for Bypass option is enabled, enter a valid user code, now the screen will populate any currently bypassed zones by flashing the two digit number and continue in the order of additional bypassed zones. To un-bypass the zone you can either use the arrows to highlight the zone you want to un-bypass and select * the B will be removed, or you can simply just enter the 2 digit number which will disable that zone from being bypassed. To exit the bypass mode simply select #.

The SCW 9045 is a bit of an older security system that is no longer manufactured and as far as communicating alarm signals back to the central alarm monitoring station it is limited to two options. 

The first option would be if you have a compatible phone/VOIP line wired directly into the 9045 panel. Once you have the phone line tied into your security system sign up for Phone line Alarm Monitoring with rates starting at No Contract $10/month

The second option would be a universal cellular communicator such as, the Telular Tg-1 Express cellular alarm communicator. The Telular TG-1 express is a great way to salvage this outdated alarm panel because it allows for more modern modes of alarm monitoring services with its new 3G/4G options through both AT&T and Verizon.

Click the document below to take you to the DSC SCW 9045 installation manual.