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Here you will learn how to adjust the voice command sensitivity of the Honeywell Lyric controller. If you find yourself constantly having to repeat voice commands or speak abnormally loud to get the Lyric controller to respond it may be time to adjust the sensitivity of those commands in the Lyric Counter Menu.

To access the Lyric Controller Menu make sure the system is disarmed and from the home screen select security > tools > enter the master code which by default is "1234" > select voice command > than you will see the counter menu on the top left. 

To improve the Lyric's responsiveness you will need to change the accuracy value.

To do this follow the instructions below -

1) Select a specific command phrase you are having difficulty within the assigned column on the counter screen.

2) Find the phrase's lowest last 10 accuracy number.

3) In the accuracy column, press the displayed number. A keypad will then appear.

4) Enter a number slightly higher than the number cited in step #2. For example, if the lowest last 10 accuracy number is 499 select 700.

5) Select Done.

Now you can try out your new sensitivity level of that specific voice command. If you are not satisfied with the results you may need to repeat this process a few times to hit your desired level. Also, experiment with the command and trigger sensitivity slider for the best performance. 

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