If you have an existing Qolsys IQ Panel 2 wireless security system you may have discovered that the panel has a built-in glass break sensor unlike any other security system ever created to this point. If you are planning on activating the internal glass break detector than you will want to follow the recommend installation guidelines listed below.  

Panel Installation Requirements:

- Wall mounted
- Power supply connected
- Panel Glass Break detection enabled
- Armed “Away”

Detection Area:

- 90° Line of sight
- No obstacles
- 3ft Minimum from the panel up to 15ft max

Glass Requirements:

- Tempered Glass - 1/8” t0 1/4”
- Plated Glass - 1/8” to 1’4”
- Insulated Glass - 1/8” to 1/4”
- Window must be framed
- Minimum Dimensions 12” by 12”

After you have followed all of these guidelines you may still be wondering can the IQ Panel 2 internal glass break sensor's sensitivity be adjusted?

The answer is no, the IQ Panel 2 glass break sensitivity cannot be adjusted. If you are having any sort of false alarms with the glass break you may want to re-evaluate the location of the IQ Panel 2.

You can also test your IQ Panel 2 internal glass break sensor to make sure it is functioning correctly in two different ways.

IQ Panel 2 Glass Break Test

1) Test the panel’s microphones via a clap test or glass break test. This will ensure the built-in detector and microphones are functioning properly when needed. Panel Glass Break must be enabled under Installer Settings to access test.

To Perform clap test swipe down for access > Settings > enter dealer code 2222 > system tests > Panel Glassbreak Test

IQ Panel 2 Glass Break Alarm Test Mode

2)  Selecting “Start” will enable a 15 min test mode where the panel arms to “Away” and then enables the panel glass break detector to be tripped using a glass break simulator. Once tripped an alarm will be sent to the central station.

To perform glass break alarm test swipe down for access > Select Settings > Advanced Settings > Enter dealer code 2222 > System Tests > Panel Glass break.

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