If you have moved into a new house or already have an existing GE Interlogix Concord 4 hybrid security system you probably have been asked if you have the installer code to access the programming menu and have no idea. Well, have no fear GeoArm Security is here to help you figure this out. Concord 4 alarm panels from the factory come with a default installer code which is (4321) we are going to teach you how to see if this code still indeed works or if it has been changed by the previous monitoring company or installer.

For onsite system programming, you must have an alphanumeric touchpad such as the GE Interlogix 60-983 programming keypad. You must use an installer/dealer code (default = 4321) to enter program mode. You must disarm all partitions before you can place the system into program mode.

To enter program mode on the Concord 4 panel:

Press 8, 4321, 0, 0. The display shows SYSTEM PROGRAMMING. 

Once you have verified that you see SYSTEM PROGRAMMING you can exit programming by selecting the A button followed by # and this point you should be out of programming.

If you don't see SYSTEM PROGRAMMING than I would recommend trying all these steps above on all of your keypads throughout your home/business because you may not have been using the programming keypad. Once you have exhausted this process on all keypads and still come to find the default installer code is not working chances are your default code has been changed away from 4321 or your previous installer did not leave you with a programming keypad.

After you have figured out whether you can/cant access your Concord 4 alarm control panel you are probably wondering what your Concord 4 Alarm Monitoring Options will be. GeoArm Security will have monitoring options for either outcome. If you have any questions or need a bit more help feel free to dial us at 1-877-443-6276 or Contact Us.

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