Yes, a Honeywell Lyric Controller is able to use voice commands. The reason why Lyric can utilize voice commands is that Honeywell has built in a microphone to the 7inch touchscreen display that allows you to directly speak and interact with the Lyric controller. The main use for voice commands is to interact and control smart scenes and camera features without having to be directly next to the Lyric controller. 

To use the Lyric Controller voice commands after the initial setup,

1) Speak one of the three selected trigger phrase's ( "Hello Lyric", "Hello Lyric Home", or "Okay Lyric").

2) Lyric will than confirm and announce "Hello, please say your command" (If trigger feedback is enabled) and Lyric will than await your command phrase.

3) Speak a command phrase. If Trigger Feedback is enabled, Lyric confirms that it is processing the command.

4)Lyric will than run the assigned smart scene or open the video function.

Note: Command phrases must be assigned to existing smart scenes and only one smart scene can be associated with a given command phrase.

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