In order to check and clear troubles on the DSC PC1832,  you will need to enter *2 on the keypad. At that point, a totally different number should show up. Once you get this number, please document it and refer to the trouble conditions which you can find below. Also, please click the link at the bottom of the page to see the DSC trouble condition and solution guide in PDF format below. This PDF document can help you navigate the issue you are having with your panel and help you to DIY solve your problem.

Light 1 - Service Required - Press the 1 key for more info.

If the number 1 light stays on, it means the Main panel battery needs to be swapped out.

If 2 - will mean there is an open Bell Circuit,

If 3 - means General System Trouble (usually associated with Cellular/Internet Communicators),
If 4 - means General System Tamper (Open Tamper on an Expansion Board),

If 5 means Module Supervision (panel can't see enrolled keypad),

If 6 Means that a Wireless Jam has been detected,

If 7 means Expansion Board low battery,

If 8 means Expansion board A/C Failure.

Light 2 - Panel A/C (Power) Failure

Light 3 - Telephone Line trouble

Light 4 - Failure to communicate

Light 5 * - Zone Fault - Press 5 and then another light should light up. This represents what zone number is in fault.

Light 6 * - Zone Tamper - press 6 and whatever light appears is the 
zone that has the tamper.

Light 7 *  - Wireless Device Low Battery - Press 7 once to view Wireless Zones, Press 7 again to view Handheld Keypads, and press 7 again to view Wireless Keys. Once you figure out what zone 
it's coming from, all you should have to do is replace the battery.

DSC Powerseries PC1832 Frequently Asked Questions

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