If you have just moved into a new home or business you may have found that you have a DSC PowerSeries PC1555 wired security system and wondering what alarm monitoring options you have? We have provided monitoring options for the DSC PC1555 system below.

 The first option for alarm monitoring you have with the PC1555 security system is via phone/VOIP line alarm monitoring services. Alarm systems for over 30 years have been connected to central stations using phone lines. Even though phone line systems carry a lower monthly monitoring rate they don't provide end users with the most reliable mode of communications as phone lines can be cut by a possible intruder. If this was to occur the alarm signals will not reach the central station. Lastly, while using a VOIP or regular landline you will not be able to remotely control your system using your smart devices. In order to utilize phone line/ VoIP communications, you must have your installer code to access control panel programming menu. If you don't have the installer code you will have to default the panel back to default. "If you need help defaulting a DSC Powerseries security system contact GEOARM as we can guide you through this as long as you are going with some sort of monitoring services with us. If you end up defaulting your PC1555 you will reset all of your zone programming and user codes.


 A second option an end user would have when it comes communicating alarm signals back to a central alarm monitoring station is via Wi-FI communications. If you have a DSC PC1555 you can add a BAT WIFI from Alula. In order to utilize Alula Wi-Fi alarm monitoring option again end users must have their installer code to access programming. If the installer code can't be found you will have to factory reset the pc1616 panel. With this option, you will not have any kind of remote control from a smartphone application because the panel is too old. If you are looking for A Wi-FI communicator option with app control you will have to replace the control panel with a newer PC 1616, 1832 or 1864 panel and use this option.


 A third option end users have as far as alarm monitoring for a DSC PC1555 security system is via universal cellular communicators such as the 
Telguard TG-1 express
 wireless LTE cellular communicator. A TG-1 express is a unique option because even if end users don't have their installer code they can still have Telguard cellular alarm monitoring without having to reset their panel to factory default. In order for the TG-1 express to work, you must have a user code to arm/disarm the system, the panel must have been monitored at some point and the system must be in working order. If the answer to these three questions is yes then the TG-1 is a good option for your alarm monitoring needs. Now if you want to have interactive alarm monitoring with a TG-1 express there are a few things you must have available in order to achieve Telguard home control remote services. You must have an open zone on your motherboard and you must have the installer code to change some of the system settings to enable interactive services. 


 The fourth and final alarm monitoring option for a DSC PC1555 wired security system would be using a dual-path alarm communicator. The dual-path alarm communicator we recommend using the Alula BAT-LTE option. This dual-path alarm communicator options will transmit alarm signals to our central alarm monitoring station with Alula alarm monitoring services but, will not have any option for interactive alarm monitoring options where end users can remotely control their security systems. If you are looking to do interactive alarm monitoring options you will have to upgrade your DSC PC1555 with a newer PC 1616, PC1832 or PC1864 security system.

DSC Powerseries PC1555 Frequently Asked Questions