To connect Wi-Fi on the Honeywell Lyric Controller from the home screen select security > tools > enter your installer code by default which is 4112 > select program > comm diagnostics > configure Wi-Fi > select scan access points > locate your Wi-Fi network > highlight it > select edit > press key button > enter in your Wi-Fi network password > select join and allow a few seconds >  once completed select ok > back out to the home screen. 

You will notice in the top left that you have no line running through the Wi-Fi signal strength meter. Here you will also be able to tell how strong your Wi-Fi signal is back to the Lyric control panel. 

The Lyric Controller comes from the factory with the Wi-Fi radio installed so you don't have to worry about purchasing additional parts.

 Activating the Wi-Fi in this manner is actually the most secure way because unlike other options are given this method requires you to enter your Password connect to your network. Keep in mind when AlarmClub is activating your Lyric this will allow us to register your Wi-Fi communicator for alarm monitoring services.

Activating the Lyric Wi-Fi alarm communicator unlocks all of the features of the Honeywell Lyric Controller. This includes the option for Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 services. Total connect 2.0 is the software that allows you to have remote control of your Lyric Controller. Features such as, being able to arm/disarm, receive notifications on alarm system status, sensor status, bypass zones, control of Z-Wave home automation devices and view Honeywell IP security cameras from anywhere in the world with internet connection.
By activating the Lyric Controller Wi-Fi radio you can view up to four camera’s on the actual 7.0-inch touchscreen display  Activating the internet communicator also allows for dual path communications. This means that the internet communicator can be combined with selected Honeywell Lyric cellular communicators to allow for two modes of communications back to the central alarm monitoring station in the event one has no signal or fails. The primary mode of communication when going with dual path alarm monitoring will always be via the Lyric internet communicator and will be backed up by the cellular communicator of your choice.

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