The Honeywell Lyric Controller has the ability to detect loss of power. An AC LOSS occurs when the primary input voltage drops below 9VDC. AC Loss will be displayed on the screen. After approximately 1 minute of Power Loss and no keypad activity, assuming the backup battery is good, the entire Touch Screen will go dark in order to conserve the battery regardless of programming.

Press the touchscreen to bring the display back up. Again, after about 30 seconds of no activity, the display will go dark. If power restores while the screen is blanked out, it will come back up, and the AC Loss display clears automatically.

An AC LOSS Report will be randomized up to a 4-hour delay. If AC power is restored before the AC Loss report is sent, there will be no AC Restore report. The Maximum distance between the Power Supply and the Lyric Controller is 8ft with 22 gauge wire, 13ft with 20 gauge and 22ft with 18 gauge 2 conductor wire.

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