If auto stay is enabled in the Honeywell Lyric Controller panel programming, when the system is armed to away and an entry/exit door was NOT opened within the programmed exit delay time showing that you have left the location, the controller will automatically arm STAY at the end of Exit Delay. This feature is to prevent false alarms. To Adjust this setting from the home screen select Security > Tools > Installer Code "default is 4112" > Program > System Settings > Toggle Auto Stay Arming Features to your Liking.

In just about all security system's there are two different ways to arm your the system. The first is arm stay, this is where you plan on arming the system and remaining at the location which would disable any motion sensors you have.

On the contrary, if you decide to arm your security system using arm away this tells the security system that you are going to exiting the home and its OK to activate any motion sensors you have. 

The Lyric controller WILL Auto Stay Arm when armed away via: *Smart Controller or Separate wireless RF keypad.

The controller will NOT Auto Stay arm when armed away via: * Remote Software * Keyfob * Total Connect If O/C reports are being sent, the system will report both Away and Stay.

If the panel is armed Instant the Instant mode will be removed once it changes to Auto Stay Arm.

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