Here you will learn how to perform batch programming with the Honeywell Lyric controller using SiX Series encrypted wireless sensors.

Batch Enrollment of SiX Series RF sensors can be done remotely via AlarmClub professional service's or locally via the Lyric Controller.

To begin local batch enrollment - From the home screen select Security > Tools > enter your installer code "default is 4112" > Program > Zones > Start RF6 Batch. Start powering up, or faulting the SiX™ Wireless Transmitters. As the transmitters are powered up, they will report their Battery level and Signal Strength.

 If a zone displays, “Enter Serial No. or Activate Sensor”, simply fault and restore the transmitter, or wait for communication to complete. When all transmitter have been enrolled, select “Stop” under “RF6 Batch”. SiXFob's can be Batch enrolled by AlarmClub professional services but, NOT locally via the Lyric Controller.

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