The Honeywell Lyric Controller is the main security control panel and Z-Wave home automation hub. The Lyric Controller which is the main unit is essentially a data center collecting information from all of its wireless security and automation devices. The Lyric controller typically is a monitored system that requires means to transmit and send its data to the central station. 

All Lyric controller's comes with a built-in Wifi Communicator, and supports add on GSM or CDMA communicators for Alarm Reporting and Remote programming/service via AlarmClub professional alarm monitoring services.

The Lyric controller is able to solely transmit and send signals with its internal Wi-Fi communicator if you choose but, AlarmClub recommends adding one of the cellular backup communicators in the event your power and internet lines are disconnected. If this was to occur and you did not have a battery backup option attached to your internet your Lyric would not be able to transmit its data to our central alarm monitoring station.

The Honeywell Lyric Controller has a few different options as to how you can purchase. If you are starting from scratch and are looking to add a new home or business security system we have Honeywell Lyric security system kits.

All of the Lyric security system Kits will come with
  • 3 SiXCT encrypted sensors
  • 1 SiXFOB
  • 1 SiXPIR motion sensor.

There will be a total of 4 different Lyric security system kits to choose from

Lyric Wi-Fi Kit 
Lyric GSM "AT&T" Kit 
Lyric CDMA "Verizon" Kit 
Lyric Dual Path Kit

All Honeywell Lyric Kits will include the above sensors but, this is where you would select your communication path. 

If you currently have a previous Honeywell LYNX Plus or LYNX touch security system and want to be able to salvage your previous 5800 sensors you can upgrade to the Lyric Controller itself and have the option to add a Cellular communicator. 

Note* 5800 sensors will not bring the same features as the Honeywell SiX series sensors such as, encryption, lyric lock or health check functions. If you want to take advantage of the SiX series encrypted sensors features you must purchase them separately as you please. *Previous 5800 bi-directional devices will not be compatible with the Lyric so you will have to upgrade those devices such as 5828 wireless keypads or 5800WAVE wireless siren products.

If you are looking to reduce your monthly alarm monitoring rates for your home or business make sure to contact AlarmClub at 1-844-335-5897 for your free consultation! *We are usually able to takeover just about any kind of security system so don’t hesitate.
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