The Honeywell Lyric Controller has a setting called Arm Confirm and can be programmed to blast it's internal sounder for a half second after the system has been armed to confirm arming. This option is enabled in Sounder programming.

To Access Sounder Programming from the Home Screen select Security > Tools > enter 4 digit Installer Code "default is 1234" > Program > Sounder > Toggle the Arm confirm button to your preference.

By default the Honeywell Lyric controller's arm confirm setting will be set to RF Key Fob. This means that anytime you arm or disarm your system from your SiXFOB or 5834 key fob you will hear that loud siren blast. If you want to eliminate this sound all together set the arm confirm setting to NONE.   

The options are: None All RF (and Panel) RF Keyfobs (only) RF Keypads (only) Note: When RF Keyfob is selected you get a 1/2 second ding upon arming with a fob, and a 1 second ding upon disarming with a fob.

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