Yes, the Honeywell Lyric Controller does have an events log. The Lyric Controller keeps logs of Voice triggers and up to 6000 system events such as; Arms/Disarms, Alarms, Troubles, Bypasses and Faults, Changes in status of Z-Wave devices (Non Security)

The controller can display these logs or export them in a variety of file formats.

You can view the Events Log via Lyric master programming menu or installer programming menu.

To view through the Master Code Programming Menu select from the home screen Security > Tools > enter your 4 digit master code "default is 1234" > Events > use the arrows to navigate to previous events.

To view through the Lyric programming menu select from the home screen Security > Tools > enter your 4 digit installer code "default is 4112" > Events > use the arrows to move to previous events. 

1. A list of all events appears.
2. To see events arranged in categories, press All in the lower right corner of the screen.
3. Options such as Alarm, Trouble, Fault and Bypass are displayed. Select the desired category.

Exporting System Events:
1. Display events and press Export Logs.
2. When prompted, connect a USB storage device.
3. Select a file format. The screen shows a progress display.

Event Log can also be viewed remotely via AlarmNet 360 Voice Command Log is a separarte log viewed and exported from the 'Voice Command' screen

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