Yes, the Honeywell Lyric Controller can be remotely upgraded via AlarmClub professional service software through the built in Wi-Fi communicator / GSM / CDMA cell communicator or locally upgraded via the USB port. When this is done the panel as well as all the SiX wireless devices are updated. 

The Lyric Controller All-In-One Design Wall or Desk Mount, 7 inch LED Touchscreen display has local control capabilities on Smart Phones and Tablets using the My Home Controller App. The Lyric Controller can control up to 72 Z-Wave Automation Devices with 60 Switch Devices, 6 Locks ,6 Z-Wave Thermostats, 4 Lyric Wi-Fi® Thermostats, 128 Wireless Zone Capacity with 64 SiX™ Wireless Devices, using multiple inputs to a total of 128 zones. the Lyric controller has a built-in Camera, can View IP Video – up to 4 at a time, has voice Control capabilities with trigger words such as , Hello Lyric, Hello Lyric Home”, “Ok Lyric” Lastly, the Lyric controller has an event Log that holds 6000 Events and has end User replaceable Cell Radios both GSM and CDMA versions.

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