No, the Honeywell Lyric Controller does not need an internet connection for use. The Lyric Controller does indeed come with a built-in Wi-Fi internet communicator but, it can be disabled. If you decide to disable the Lyric controller Wi-Fi communicator and want to be able to transmit alarm signals to the central station you must add either the Lyric-3G AT&T or the Lyric-CDMA cellular communicator.

To disable the Lyric Wi-Fi communicator you would do so through the installer programming menu under the option communicator. Toggle the communication path button to your desired communication path which should be cell only. *Make sure you notify your alarm monitoring company before attempting this.

*If you do decide to disable the Lyric Wi-Fi communicator you should also know that the front mounted camera will not continue to work. The Lyric controller front mounted camera does require an internet connection to continue to send push notifications and emails via Total Connect 2.0.

Also in an strange application it is good to know that if you have your Lyric controller mounted outside of internet connection and disable the Wi-Fi communicator but, still have Honeywell IP cameras installed you will not be able to view those cameras from the Lyric controller touchscreen.

Lastly, if you disable the Lyric controller Wi-Fi communicator you don't need to worry Z-Wave home automation devices are able to transmit their information to Total Connect 2.0 using solely the cellular communicator option. 

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