Yes, the Honeywell Lyric Controller can use Dual Path communications. First off the Lyric security system and controller does not have a phone or VOIP option so there is no way to communicate via phone line/ VOIP or dual path communications with phone or VOIP line. 

Now, the Honeywell Lyric controller as we know comes with a built-in Wi-Fi communicator that will allow the system to communicate via internet. But, if you are looking for ultimately the most reliable communication path to send and receive alarm signals to the central alarm monitoring station you are going to want to communicate using dual path. When we say dual path we are talking about adding a cellular communicator to the Lyric Controller. The Controller will have three cellular communicator options but, only two will work in the USA.


The First cellular option for the Lyric Controller is the Lyric-3G. The Honeywell Lyric-3G can report to an Alarmnet Central Station like AlarmClub through GSM using the 'User Changeable plug-in Lyric-3G Communication Module. If used along with Wifi, the GSM path is only used in the event that the Internet fails. Lyric-3G is probably the most commonly used cellular option for the Lyric controller because it utilizes the AT&T.