The Honeywell Lyric controller comes with a built-in Wi-Fi communicator that will allow the system to communicate signals in Canada via internet. But, if you are looking for the most reliable communication path to send and receive alarm signals to a Canadian central alarm monitoring company like AlarmClub you are going to want to communicate using dual path. When we say dual path we are referencing adding a Rodgers cellular communicator to the Lyric Controller. The Lyric controller will only have one cellular communicator option in Canada. 

The Lyric-3GC Rogers digital cellular communicator is intended for use with Lyric Controller and is DIY replaceable, remote Services-Ready with Total Connect 2.0. The Honeywell Lyric-3GC is indeed 128-bit aes encrypted for a high level of security. If Lyric-3GC used along with Wifi for Internet communication to AlarmNet, the Cellular path is only used in the event that the Internet fails. 

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