Yes, a self installed Honeywell Lyric security system can have alarm monitoring services. As long as the Lyric security system and controller has not been previously monitored by another alarm monitoring company that has either changed the installer code form its default which is 4112 or place a local programming lockout on the Lyric controller. The best way to figure out if either of these have been placed on your Lyric controller is to sign up for alarm monitoring services through AlarmClub where our certified Lyric technician can attempt to take over the system.

When looking to sign up for alarm monitoring for your Self Installed Lyric security system you want to figure out if you want to have DIY alarm monitoring services where you can control your Lyric security system remotely using the Total Connect 2.0 app on your smart devices with no professional dispatching services.

If you would like to have our professional dispatching services than you would want to sign up for our Honeywell Lyric professional alarm monitoring services.

Once you have decided between the two different types of Lyric security system monitoring services you will want figure out how you want your Lyric security system and controller to communicate its alarm signals. There will be three options of communications for this system they are Wi-Fi only, Cellular only or Dual path alarm monitoring services.

If you are looking to reduce your monthly alarm monitoring rates for your home or business make sure to contact AlarmClub at 1-844-335-5897 for your free consultation! *We are usually able to takeover just about any kind of security system so don’t hesitate.
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