Yes, you can reset the Honeywell Lyric controller back to factory. If you choose to reset the Lyric controller settings back to default you should know there are 4 different settings that are loaded into the panel. The four different options you should evaluate before you decide to reset to factory settings. These programming default values can be located on page 41-42 in the Honeywell Lyric controller programming manual. 

*Note if you decide to reset the settings back to factory all of your zone programming will also be erased. 

To reset the Lyric controller back to factory simply from the home screen select Security > Tools > enter 4 digit installer code "default is 4112" > Program > Down Arrow > Default Config > select the default config number of your choice 1-4.

*If you are not able to access the programming of the Lyric controller that means your installer code has been changed from its default code of 4112 or your current or previous alarm monitoring company has placed a local programming lockout on your system. This must be corrected by the previous monitoring company or your system will not work. 

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