To determine the best location for the Honeywell Lyric Controller there are a few things to consider.

The Lyric controller needs to be installed where it is easy to use - You may be viewing video, arming and disarming the system, controlling automation devices and most likely viewing the weather on it. So find the best location where you will get the most usage of the Lyric controller. The Lyric controller 
comes ready for Wall Mount with an optional LCP500-DK Desk Mount kit available to provide a 30° or 60° desk stand.Some people also prefer to have the location of the controller out of sight and utilize all the features of the lyric controller through Total Connect 2.0 Interactive services. 

Consider Lyric Z-Wave functionality - Where are the majority of your z-wave devices being installed? Remember, you don’t want to install the controller in a location where one z-wave device is a carrier for a large group of other z-wave devices. Make sure you eliminate the possibility of one single point of failure. When developing a Z-Wave network the key is to create a circle mesh network meaning all Z-Wave devices that plug into a wall outlet will serve as Z-Wave repeaters. Make sure that if one Z-Wave device goes down it will not completely render your Z-Wave network.   

Consider cellular carrier and signal strength - Find the best location to install the controller for cellular reception, if cellular is being used. Depending on the location of the installation, you can choose to use a GSM or CDMA cellular communicator. There are also antenna's that connect directly to the Lyric cellular communicators to give you better cellular service.
For most installations, using the module’s internal antenna, mounting the Lyric controller as high as practical, and avoiding large metal components provides adequate signal strength for proper operation. Learn how to test your cellular radio signal strength.  

Wi-Fi® signal strength - Determine the best location to receive a Wi-Fi® signal. Remember the signal needs to be better than -65dBm for consistent operation. No closer than 10 feet from Wi-Fi® router and Wi-Fi® repeaters.

Have a Electrical Outlet close by for wiring of the Lyric Power Transformer - If using,
22 gauge wire - the transformer wire may not be longer than 8 feet.
20 gauge wire - can be up to 13 feet long,
18 gauge wire  -may go up to 20 feet.

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