Yes, the Honeywell Lyric Controller offers optional RF jam detection for wireless systems which detects a condition that may impede proper RF reception (i.e., jamming or other RF interference). RF jamming occurs when something in our frequency range (345MHz or 2.4ghz) has been transmitting for 20 seconds or longer.

In any Armed/Disarmed state it causes the display to show a triangle with an exclamation point inside and the message 988 (345mhz) or 990 (2.4ghz) RF Jam with a
rapid trouble beeping that can be silenced with any key press.

If trouble reporting is enabled a report to Central Monitoring Station (E344 RF Receiver Jam) will be sent. Once the RF Jam condition is gone the Trouble can be cleared with a Disarm + Code entry. Once the trouble is cleared a Restore report will be sent (R344) if Trouble Restore reporting is enabled. Note: The panel can still be Armed if an RF Jam condition exists.

The RJ Jam feature from factory comes activated with a RF Jam Log. To adjust the Lyric controller RF Jam detection settings from the Lyric Controller's home screen select Security > Tools > enter 4 digit installer code "default is 4112" > Program > System Type > Toggle RF Jam button to your liking.

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