Yes, the Honeywell Lyric Controller has a video recovery setting. The Lyric controller video recovery setting is used If video from remote cameras is lost or becomes distorted, the system can attempt to reset video streaming.

By default Lyric automatically begins to recover video about 60 seconds after Wi-Fi communication has been restored. The default setting is automatic video recovery.

To Adjust the Lyric Controller Video Recovery setting

1. Press (Security) on the Home screen.

2. On the Security screen, press (Tools). Enter the Master User’s security code "default is 1234", and the Master User screen appears.

3. Press (Wi-Fi Config). 4. Press the bottom button on the list of Wi-Fi options to toggle between Automatic Video Recovery and Manual Video Recovery.

*If Manual Video Recovery is enabled, "double tap to restore video" will be displayed in a yellow band. The video recovery will begin automatically after the camera restores communication. If the control is in the Armed Away state the camera must be recovered via the manual mode.

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