Yes, you can use wired contacts with the Honeywell Lyric controller. The Lyric controller will support a total of 2 wired contact zones. Lyric's Zone 1 and 2 can be programmed as Normally Open, Normally Closed, or EOLR supervised to respond to both an open or closed circuit devices. 

To program a Honeywell Lyric hardwired zone after it has been wired and installed from the home screen select Security > Tools > enter the 4 digit installer code "default is 4112" > Program > Zones > select zone 1 or 2 > Edit > complete hardwired zones settings > Save > back out of programming > Test the hardwired zone to make sure it is working properly.

 If you need to add more than 2 wired contacts to the Lyric controller you do have another option which is to utilize the Honeywell 5800C2W hardwired to wireless module. The 5800C2W hardwired to wireless module is compatible with the Lyric Controller.

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