Once you have activated your Alarm.com monitoring services there are features you should be aware of. The feature we will be talking about today is called the unexpected activity alerts.

A smarter security system that learns and adapts to customer activity

The Alarm.com unexpected alerts platform works in the background to analyze system data and learn a user’s normal activity patterns. It can even learn to recognize users’ faces at the panel. The system can then notify customers whenever unusual activity occurs in their home or business, such as when:

• The system is disarmed at an unusual time

• Someone opens a door or window that is normally closed

• A lock is unlocked when customers are typically away

• Doors, windows or garage doors are left open at night

• An unfamiliar person disarms the panel- Selected panels only such as Qolsys IQ Panel 2

Unexpected Activity features

Increase customer engagement and awareness

To ensure that we are delivering alerts that matter most, customer can provide instant feedback on whether each alert is useful to them.

Customers can also adjust the sensitivity level to receive fewer or more Unexpected Activity Alerts. They can also pause alerts for up to 24 hours during times when they know normal activity patterns won’t apply, such as holidays or snow days

Leverage cutting-edge face recognition technology

Thanks to advanced face recognition technology, customers have a way to monitor for unauthorized code sharing.

Available on select panels, customers can opt-in to receive an alert whenever the face of the person disarming the panel does not match the face of the person assigned that access code. This exciting enhancement to Unexpected Activity Alerts can provide a differentiated, cutting-edge service to customers. 

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