A Phone Line Failure occurs if the GE Interlogix NetworX NX-4 panel either:

  • Has monitoring station information programmed into it but the panel does not have a phone line attached to it. 
    • If there is not a phone line attached to the panel, it is required to remove the monitoring station information programmed in the panel since the information is stored in the Alarm.com module instead.
    • If this is the case, location 2 (i.e., feature 2 on a touchscreen keypad) is where this information is kept in the panel. 
  • Has a phone line attached to the panel but the phone line is unable to communicate.
    • If there is a phone line attached to the panel, resolve the phone line communication. 

If there is not a phone line attached to the panel and the monitoring station information is programmed in system programming, clear the monitoring station information using either the panel, Partner Portal, or MobileTech app. 

Important: To ensure these settings take effect, it is required to perform a local power cycle of the panel after clearing the monitoring station information. If a local power cycle is not performed after making changes, the phone line failure message eventually appears again. 

To clear a Phone Line Failure on an GE Interlogix NX panel locally:

  1. Press [*][8] to enter System Programming.
  2. Enter the installer code.
  3. Press [0][#]. This is the device address.
  4. Enter Location by pressing [2], then press [#].
  5. If anything but 0 displays, clear it. Once the screen shows 0, press [*] to confirm.
  6. Press [Exit].
  7. Press [0][#]. This is the device address.
  8. Enter Location by pressing [37], then press [#].
  9. Scroll over to segment 3.
  10. Verify that bit [6] is cleared.
  11. Press [Exit][Exit] to exit panel programming.
  12. Power cycle the panel.

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